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Songling Electric • Lithium evaluation Lithium companies need to respect technology but not obsessed with technology

Review 2017, lithium carbonate prices tight supply, prices continue to rise, both lithium carbonate enterprises
Review 2017, lithium carbonate prices tight supply, prices continue to rise, both lithium carbonate enterprises, cathode materials companies, power battery companies and even new energy car prices, cross-border listed companies, are trying every means to layout lithium resources, the Australian mine , Canada, the Congo and other global lithium resources are almost divided up. News of expanding lithium carbonate production capacity, mergers and acquisitions or establishing a new lithium carbonate processing enterprise has frequently been reported.
Review 2017, expansion and price cuts as the main theme of the lithium battery industry, I suddenly remembered South Korea's Samsung dominated the road: "Do not have money to kill others, they will be killed by others money."
Take DRAM (Dynamic Random Access Memory) as an example. In 2008, the price of DRAM plunged from US $ 2.25 to US $ 0.31. Samsung was making a staggering decision when it was overwhelmed by the proliferation of vendors: all of Samsung's profits for the year were devoted to expanding production and deliberately expanding the industry's loss, after which Samsung, which had no original technology, was almost monopolized Stand in the top of the DRAM industry.
However, the same lack of the original lithium battery technology is not so tragic, but many companies have been killed by money is the immediate fact that expansion and price cuts will continue to go on, it is worth mentioning that, Foreign giants are also actively expanding.
Original: wet diaphragm leader En Jie initiative to cut prices 20% open bloody?
Driven by the downward pressure on Entebbe, the leading wet separator company, the wet separator price will drop by more than 30% in 2018 and the dry separator market will also be affected accordingly. Separator industry will further strengthen the centralized trend of competition in the industry will be more cruel.
The whole lithium industry chain price reduction is the trend of the times.
However, "timely help" and "icing on the cake," the difference is still quite big. In the current wet diaphragm serious shortage of supply under the premise, as the leader in this area, Ensky take the initiative to make the price is actually very clever, at least in the next round of market competition to take the initiative.
As for those reluctant to divide high profits of the business, one day will eventually understand that the lithium battery industry is the most indispensable capacity, the most ruthless market. Even as a lithium battery technology barriers in the four technical barriers the highest, but also must know: For technology, but not to be obsessed.
Original: 300 million yuan pound technology research and development to see how the United States to build a business innovation mechanism?
In 2018, Greenmey will focus on the two core businesses of "deep mining of city mines and manufacture of power battery materials" and plan to invest 300 million yuan in research and development funds.
In fact, a year ago, I first impression of Green's beauty is still stuck in the cathode material business, and now brought Green United States, the first thought is the industry cycle.
This does not mean that Greenmead will not start recycling lithium batteries until 2017. In fact, Greenmey's position from the very beginning is "urban mines" with an industrial cycle as the core. Only in 2017, the concept of industrial cycle began to gain traction in the field of power batteries.
After five or six years of power battery development, the first batch of automotive power battery has begun to face the problem of recycling after retiring. In this round of "quite a headache" treatment, the car prices and power battery companies are aware of the importance of recycling, whether it is echelon use or disassembly recycling, need to be fully prepared at the beginning of the design.