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[Thornton New Energy • Hot] Ningbo capacity 100 Lithium: 2019 high-nickel ternary will erupt

With the national policy of new energy vehicles to adjust, ternary is becoming the mainstream of the development of power battery technology.
With the national policy of new energy vehicles to adjust, ternary is becoming the mainstream of the development of power battery technology.
According to statistics from GGII, from January to October 2017, the installed capacity of new-energy vehicles in China totaled 17.7GWh, of which the power of the ternary power batteries reached 8.6GWh, accounting for about 48.59% of the total. The iron phosphate Lithium battery up to 7.9GWh, accounting for about 44.63%. In this long-awaited technology route battle, ternary materials have taken up a clear advantage.
At the same time, under the precondition of ensuring safety, some leading ternary materials enterprises have also made sufficient planning and technical reserves in order to enhance the energy density of the system and further occupy the technical superiority in the fierce competition in the future.
As a leading cathode material enterprise in China, Ningbo Rongbai Lithium Battery Co., Ltd. ("Ningbo Rongbai Lithium Battery") is still performing well in 2017, both in technology and in the market.
Li Bai, Ningbo assistant president of lithium capacity 100, said the company cathode materials total capacity reached 18,000 tons this year, of which ternary materials sales reached 12,000 tons, the top three domestic shipments ranked. At the same time, as the first volume-production enterprise in the high-nickel ternary field, the company has built a fully automatic high-nickel ternary production line of 8,000 tons / year this year.
In the market, Ningbo Li Bai lithium battery products not only won the domestic mainstream power battery business recognition, but also by the international lithium giant, the establishment of long-term strategic cooperative relations for the company's future development and establish a comprehensive lead.
The first mass production of high-nickel ternary materials
With the gradual verification of the safety of the ternary battery and the increasing demand for the mileage in the consumer market, the national policy tends to support the high-energy-density power battery. The high-nickel ternary system material battery, which has obvious advantages in energy density, Generally optimistic.
However, due to the high technical barriers, the requirements of high-nickel ternary materials in preparation technology, equipment and production environment are much higher than ordinary ternary materials. Most domestic high-nickel ternary materials are in the stage of research and development and testing.
As the first volume production of high-nickel ternary materials business, the current capacity of Ningbo Li Bai Li Ni high-nickel system NCM622 and NCM811 have been fully mass production supply to customers. Among them, the high nickel system monthly capacity has more than 720 tons.
Liu Dexian said frankly that this year is the first year of the industrialization of high-nickel products. New products will still need a verification cycle to inject into the market. Next year, the market for high-nickel products will still be a steady development. It is estimated that the market will have to wait until 2019.
It is learned that Ningbo Rongbai lithium base in Hubei Province has built the largest demonstration project of high-nickel ternary production line in China and has become a sample of its follow-up expansion in automation and industrial innovation.
"Next year the company's focus is to make the high-nickel ternary materials more stable and reduce the cost, and it is estimated that the new high-nickel ternary materials production capacity will exceed 20,000 tons next year," said Liu Dexian.
Advantages of capital consolidation are obvious
Since the beginning of this year, cash flow pressure of cathode materials enterprises has generally been aggravated by many aspects such as the subsidized back-off, the price hikes of raw materials in the upstream and the policy of 30,000 km. As a capital-intensive industry, cathode materials must also be supported by strong capital resources.
It is learned that Ningbo Rongbai Lithium Battery is controlled by Beijing Rongbai Investment Holding Co., Ltd. ("Rongbai Investment"), an investment holding company specialized in mergers and acquisitions and industry consolidation. Through the innovation of "investment + industrial" business Mode, to be mergers and acquisitions enterprises to rectify and enhance, through the merger between enterprises absorbed, so that resources are optimal allocation and create value.
At present, Rongbai invests in ternary materials manufacturing enterprises that are merged and acquired in the lithium-ion cathode material industry, including Hubei Rongbai Lithium-Ion Materials Co., Ltd., JS Co., Ltd. of Korea, EMT Co., Ltd. of Korea and TMR Co., Ltd. of Korea.
As a hundred investment, the actual controller of Ningbo Li Bai lithium, Bai Houshan's investment also to Ningbo Lippo lithium labeled the capital and resource optimization label. It is worth mentioning that Bai Houshan is also one of the founders of the original cathode materials leader in China.
At the present, Ningbo Rongbai Lithium Battery has grown into a leading lithium battery cathode material research and development technology and industrialization experience, with first-class customer resources, production capacity and overall strength of the leading high-tech enterprises.
Lithium Polymer learned that Ningbo Rongbai Lithium Power completed two rounds of investment last year and this year. The total amount of the two rounds of financing reached 1.4 billion yuan. The third round of financing is underway. In addition, in order to further strengthen the company's strength and promote technological upgrading, management practices and management innovation, Ningbo Rongbai Lithium is planning to go IPO market.