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Cost Accounting: (hiring number 2)
Age 25-40 years old Female Married Educator Priority College or above Monthly salary above 4000
description of job:
1, approve the financial revenue and expenditure, review the financial reports and financial statements, the major financial revenue and expenditure plans, economic contracts will sign;
2, preparation of the budget and implementation of the budget, participate in the formulation of funding and use of programs to ensure the effective use of funds;
3, review the company's external accounting information provided;
4. Responsible for reviewing the accounting statements and accounting statements of the group company reported by the headquarters and subordinate units of the company and preparing comprehensive financial analysis reports and special analysis reports to provide reliable basis for the decision-making of the leaders of the company;
5, formulate internal financial, accounting system and working procedures, after the approval of the organization and implementation and supervision of the implementation;
6, organize the preparation and implementation of the company's financial revenue and expenditure plans, credit plans and cost plans.
job requirements:
1, accounting-related professionals, college education;
2 years working experience above 2 years, working experience of general taxpayer enterprise is preferred;
3, serious and meticulous, dedication, hard-working, good professional ethics;
4, quick thinking, strong ability to accept, independent thinking, good at summing up work experience;
5, skilled application of financial and office software, for Kingdee, UF and other financial systems have the actual operator priority;
6, have good communication skills;
7, accounting qualification certificate, at the same time have the accounting junior qualification certificate priority.
Company benefits:
1, meal subsidy 400 yuan / month
2, wrap (independent bathroom, air conditioning, water heater)
3, constant temperature workshop
4, five insurance
5, quality bonus
6, performance bonus
7, post allowance
8, academic allowance (full-time college reward 100 yuan a month, full-time undergraduate reward 200 yuan a month)
9, the state provides various holiday benefits
Promotion mechanisms:
The company is in a rapid and reasonable stage of development, employees enjoy a broad space for development, the company will hold regular internal engagement activities, all grassroots managers, technical positions will be generated through competition.
1, Technology Promotion Channel: Employee - Technician - Assistant Engineer, Engineer - Chief Engineer - Chief Engineer
2, management promotion channel: staff - team leader - director - manager - director
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