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Reserve cadres

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Reserve cadre: (5 people)
Age 25-40 years old male or female college education or above: monthly salary of 2800 --- 5000
description of job:
1, To assist the workshop supervisor in the standardized management of the workshop to ensure that the workshop work has rules to follow.
3. Assisting department heads to hold regular workshop meetings and participate in the production meetings of the production department (or the company) to ensure the workshop work is efficient and transparent.
4, Assist machine monitor to develop equipment maintenance plan, guide and supervise the subordinates to operate and maintain the equipment according to the operating rules.
5, in a timely manner to the higher authorities to report the real situation and the relevant data, regular reports to the production manager, to ensure that companies and departments to grasp the dynamics of the production department.
job requirements:
1, have a production line work experience, outstanding fresh graduates can also.
2, quick thinking, a strong sense of responsibility, strong compression, teamwork spirit,
3, passion and enthusiasm for their own work, learning ability, full of pioneering and innovative spirit, hard-working spirit.
4, solid work hard, practical ability, willing to accept the basic rotation learning;
Company benefits:
1, meal subsidy 400 yuan / month
2, wrap (independent bathroom, air conditioning, water heater)
3, constant temperature workshop
4, five insurance
5, quality bonus
6, performance bonus
7, post allowance
8, academic allowance (full-time college reward 100 yuan a month, full-time undergraduate reward 200 yuan a month)
9, the state provides various holiday benefits
Promotion mechanisms:
The company is in a rapid and reasonable stage of development, employees enjoy a broad space for development, the company will hold regular internal engagement activities, all grassroots managers, technical positions will be generated through competition.
1, Technology Promotion Channel: Employee - Technician - Assistant Engineer, Engineer - Chief Engineer - Chief Engineer
2, management promotion channel: staff - team leader - director - manager - director
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