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Trade commissioner

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Foreign Trade Commissioner: (hiring 2)
Age: 20-35 years old male or female college education or above: a monthly salary of 6000 or more
description of job:
1. Familiar with the product, understand the company's development
2. Through the operation of the network platform to develop new customers
3. Contact customers, follow-up and negotiations to promote orders
4. Order arrangement and follow-up - shipping arrangements - to maintain customers
5. Follow-up order tracking to help customers solve problems, handling customer quality complaints, the inadequacies of the order back to the relevant departments to the next order of production more smoothly;
job requirements:
1, Business English related major
2, with more than 1 years of foreign trade sales experience
3, skilled use of office automation software, with basic knowledge of the network, with excellent English proficiency and English writing ability
Company benefits:
1, meal subsidy 400 yuan / month
2, wrap (independent bathroom, air conditioning, water heater)
3, constant temperature workshop
4, five insurance
5, quality bonus
6, performance bonus
7, post allowance
8, academic allowance (full-time college reward 100 yuan a month, full-time undergraduate reward 200 yuan a month)
9, the state provides various holiday benefits
Promotion mechanisms:
The company is in a rapid and reasonable stage of development, employees enjoy a broad space for development, the company will hold regular internal engagement activities, all grassroots managers, technical positions will be generated through competition.
1, Technology Promotion Channel: Employee - Technician - Assistant Engineer, Engineer - Chief Engineer - Chief Engineer
2, management promotion channel: staff - team leader - director - manager - director
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