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        Water benefits everything without evoking conflicts or resistance, and if we live like water, our life would be wonderful. We are a group of people in pursuit of our dreams. With the establishment of Hunan Jun Er Jie Bags Co., LTD, we gathered here; I take this opportunity to say thanks to leaders at all levels, my friends, and my colleagues who supported me. In order to develop the common cause of green energy lithium-ion batteries, we gathered without hesitation to do one thing, which is to “Let everyone enjoy the blue sky”. We have academicians, professors, engineers and college students and other social elites in our team, and today, we are choked up with emotions and inspired by our dreams. We "Ao De Mai people" want to create a new glory in lithium electricity industry with our wisdom and diligence. 
        We gathered at the foot of Yuelu Mountain. Walking by the Xiangjiang River, I recalled my dream in my youth. Today is just the beginning, I know the responsibility is significant. We should cherish the present and spare no efforts to work hard. We develop the real economy with wisdom and sweat; we create wealth with diligence; we leave the wealth to employees and the society, and let employees to create value for our customers.
        Hunan Aodemai source Co., LTD is market oriented, and its goal is to win customer satisfaction. Let us guarantee the realization of the goal with our knowledge and hard work. Let the market, customers, and social groups to witness the brilliant tomorrow of our "Ao De Mai People" .