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Hunan Aodemai source Co., LTD

Hunan Aodemai source Co., LTD is a joint-stock high-tech enterprise specialized in the production of high-end polymer li-ion batteries. The company relies on He Jishan, the academician of Central South University and his team for development. At the same time, the company has strategic cooperative relations with many scientific research institutions and universities at home and abroad. At present, the company's specific technical practitioners are Professor Hu Shunqin, post doctor returned from Oxford University and his technical team. The management team has rich practical experience and solid theoretical background. The middle and senior managers include 3 doctors, 8 masters (including 5 MBA), and most of them are technical backbones who entered lithium electricity industry around 2000. They have an accurate judge of the current situation and the future trend of lithium electricity industry in China. The company has existing employees of more than 150, and more than 40% of them have college degree.  
      The company has strong economic strength, strong technical support system, and first-class production, testing and inspection equipment. At present, the company has been successful in the development and production of high capacity, high voltage, high rate, high and low temperature resistant polymer lithium ion battery, and the production capacity reached sixty thousand ampere hour/day. The products are mainly used in mobile phones, laptops, electronic cigarettes, power banks, DVD, bluetooth headsets and other high-end products. At the same time, we also produce high rate battery cells, head lamp batteries and power batteries. The company also customizes for customers and develops new polymer battery to customer's satisfaction, including electric bicycles, moped, electric tools, and power batteries for instruments and meters, etc. The products of the company have the advantages of high energy density, high working voltage, small volume, light weight, long service life,safe and environment-friendly. The electrochemical performance and safety performance and other indicators have reached the international standard, and have passed the battery directive of the European Union.
      The company advocates the business philosophy of good faith operation, customer first and quality first. It insists on market oriented, with talents as the base and technology as the leading force to continuously perfect the management system, and meet customer requirements, so as to provide users with satisfactory service